Wednesday, January 9, 2008

post new year

time to register for school. i want to avoid it. no money no time. not looking forward to the pain and sleepless nights, malnutrition, but i do want to do some great art and design.

in the meantime , here are some sketchbook sketches from the last two months. looking at these i can see a lot about how i was the last few months, the struggle, the insanity, the intensity.

c u nxt time.


  1. um, yeah-these are really nice sketchbook dwgs...I'm assuming you are at ACCD or CalArts? This is the hardcore raw material like I saw in Pasadena from people like sasch and others-basically the best of the best. You have an obvious talent-pushes me to do more myself, thx for the insp. I'll be back!

  2. thanks for stopping by. it's great to see I.D. people like you posting their work now. you have marvelous sketches and i hope to see more.

  3. the sketches are way cool.. thanks for your interest in my work..
    Keep up the great work~!!!!^^

  4. Great stuff...I like your sketches and renderings! I hope to see more work from you in the coming months!

  5. Saludos..!! Que chidos sketchs..!!

  6. Wow I just found your blog I love your stuff!


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