Monday, January 25, 2010

Six Steps to Create an Excellent Concept Idea - Concept Development Tutorial

Summary of Concept Development Research Project:
[Introduction]: Why Design Students Need to Learn Conceptual Development?

Excellent Design = Excellent Concept + Excellent Craftsmanship

Excellent design is excellent ideas and excellent expression of these ideas.  A thorough design education requires educating students in mastery of craft and mastery of concept.
Excellent craft without excellent concept results in an aesthetically pleasing piece of art but, without meaning or purpose.

Excellent concept without excellent craftsmanship leads to good ideas poorly communicated.  Design students should not only be educated in craft less they only become excellent craftsmen.  Half of their design education will be absent.  When mastery of craft is combined with mastery of ideas design reaches its full potential.  Excellent Content and Excellent Form create Excellent Design.
Six Steps to Creating an Excellent Concept Idea:

"dialog can trigger concepts worth creating, ideas that need to exist" j.rosetto

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  1. Thanks for this, it was a really interesting read and made me begin to analyse my designs in greater detail.


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