Friday, November 28, 2008


A new topic to to brand and sell yourself? when i think of different brands, LV, Gucci, Merc-benz, LEGO certain things come to mind that represent those brands, whether it be luxury goods, auto status, best child's toy, and whatever else. So how do you build a brand for yourself? Or launch your own label? Here is an example even though its the most obnoxious one....Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus...i see this brand everywhere on everything. That brand is on all types of goods from movies, to music, to games, to toys to fashion, to bboks, to school supplies etc. And it is just a small part of a larger brand..Disney. In the future i want to have my own brand/ franchise/ intellectual property, record label, design consultancy/ corporation. So how do i start building it?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thoughts for today

Whoa i need to practice and draw more. When am i gonna work on my trans portfolio? What am i gonna put in it? I should redo the sketches from meditation chamber, and finish the interior. A few micro projects from viscom. Hopefully stratos vs modulo turns out well. Gotta remember to do more analog paintings. How am i gonna balance this with other art stuff I'm learning and studying? It's all related. Drawing is drawing. Designing is designing. Have i made any progress in the last six months?

Works 10.08-11.08

Monday, November 17, 2008

Its been a month

What work have i done this month? The engine, the canson, some city cars, that's about it. I do have some new ideas for projects i want to work on, art and life related. 30 day challenge. Honest motivation level, probably 7/10. It was a disaster month. I did run every morning though. I think i forgot for a little bit that i am an artist/designer. Distracted.