Saturday, January 12, 2008

Growing up again

As I get closer to graduating I feel the pressures of becoming a professional artist. Its kind of strange, like some sort of loss of innocence, or second coming of age. No more of just drawing whatever the heck i want all the time, instead worrying about if my work is good enough for the boss, who usually ends up picking some miniscule thumbnail in the bottom left corner anyway.

The thought that if i don't draw I don't eat keeps running through my head. I need to find a part time freelance job or something. Anyone know anyone who needs some art/design work done? How do i find a place to do an internship at? Yikes! so much to do so little time.

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  1. hey stephen, thanks for visiting my blog, and glad to hear you like some of it. you've got some really sweet stuff here, the digital transportation stuff is superb.

    you an ID major? looks great none the less.

    if you're looking for a fun art community, deviant art is the one i've joined recently and is pretty nice. i update there more often and keep a better journal there since my blogspot is visited by more clients than friends. and their posting and commenting system is much more orgnaized. anyway, join up amigo! best of things in '08!



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