Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Potential Courses

 Many good courses how can i make time and money to afford them? sit in? try to learn for free...
edit 02.07.12 never stop learning...new skills, new techniques, new concepts, new ideas...self education builds a fortune and the knowledge gained and APPLIED compounds...makes you more valuable more marketable

DX Mobility I
DX Mobility II
DX Alias II
DX Viscom 7-8 w/ J.Min
DX History of Auto-waive
DX Design Management - replace wit digital portfolio or take with digital portfolio
DX Auto Product Planning - replace w/product III branding
DX Exter 6
DX Inter 6
Exterior 7
Interior 7
Exterior 8
Interior 8
Alias II
DX Viscom6 w/ J. Krysteski
DX World Design

Adv. Product
DX Creative Strategies - TA?
Package Design I
Adv. Product III - Branding
Intellectual Property - M.Katz

Design Process II w/S. Robertson
Creative ID Process - Frido
Digital Landscape w/M.Humphries
Color Theory 4 Ent w/R. Keyes
DX Originality/Independent w/N.Pugh
Sketching 4 illustration B.Kato
Architecture G. Meyer
After Effects 4 Ent
DX Adv Entertainment - Mark Goerner

Graphic Design II/ Publication design
Type II
ID Graphics
Digital Portfolio...something i can make my intern/scholarship portfolio in
John Chambers' Workshop wed 7-10pm

DX Design theory w/prof Wang-TA/sit in
Entertainment Design w/prof Wang-TA/sit in

CDA Classes
Advanced Viscom w D.Quach
Entertainment projects
Vehicles and Mechs

Skills to grow:
Form design
Unique sketch style
Automotive sensitivty
Graphic visual communication
Rapid Vis
Alias Modeling Skills sketch refine refine
Clay physical modeling

Character design
Creature design
Scene illustration

landscape painting

Product design
business side..how to get a product to market
how to deal with manufacturers
to get something sold in the apple store

Talk to stewart/jay - goal design fundamentals
Senior show project goal-create an entire world.
GPA Goal 3.0+
Focus, focus, time + Discipline
Create a portfolio that's always updateable
Jay says can substitute entertainment courses for viscom 8 and 7th exterior,
so mobility and sponsor and then whatever i want to do

Problems/ Solutions - Come up with a plan to work on my trans portfolio:
what can i do? who can i ask? - go to car shows be inspired by european auto design visit the studios

End Goal? TransFuturism Portfolio. FOCUSED but Balanced.  No one will give you benefit of the doubt. Car design Portfolio needs to have cars in it.  Robot Designer portfolio needs to have robots in it. Lego portfolio needs to have legos in it. bring it all together. Design is Design

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