Wednesday, March 18, 2009


note to self- learn how to tighten up, self assignment...extremely tight and clean digital rendering, try using photoshop, and try a different brush,, also try doing a speedform in digital media. same process as traditional, thumbs rough lines, tight lines, markers hard values, airbrush like chalk, highlights and details.

Paint the ballerina and submit to ballistic

note to self 2- Talk to scott, talk to sv Kim 930-1130, talk to frido, andy. Take advantage of all the good instructors i have here.

Start researching freelance projects. Keep researching having my own firm and dyson, ross lovegrove, colani, starck, gehry...

getting a product to market, developing my own design philosophy.

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  1. Great mood in this one. Seems like you have more fun painting than designing


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