Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to get smarter

1. Tackle Something New
-anything that challenges your brain. ie brush teeth with opposite hand, dining somewhere new, talk to someone new. improves memory and intellectual performance.

2. "Brain Rest" Everyday
-45 minutes a day to do nothing. ie listening to music, book reading, walk-but not tv..should be quiet

3. 30 Minutes of Aerobic Exercise
-ie swimming, stair climbing. This increases creativity level. Helps brain cells grow. Exercise improves circulation, more energy goes to your brain, helps you think positively, helps your body and blood pressure.

4. Get Some Sleep
-we are prone to mental lapse and mistakes without enough rest. Learning and memory are solidified in the brain during sleep.

5. Chill
-ie meditation, browsing, anything that cuts stress will help you think creatively and clearly.

6. Eat Brainfood
-omega 3 fatty acids (fish, avocados, walnuts). Improve brain cellrepair and mental functioning.

The clearer you are, the better you'll perform. Problem will be solved easier. Form an dcontent are inseperable.

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